• June 20, 2024

Why Consider Teeth Whitening Services

Have your teeth become stained and dull over the years due to your lifestyle of smoking or enjoying dark foods and drinks? Often, a dentist can perform tooth whitening services to lighten the teeth several shades. Here’s how these in-office procedures are done.

During an initial teeth whitening service consultation, the dentist will ask about your goals and how many shades lighter you want for your teeth. This affects the number of treatments that will be necessary to get going toward the goal.

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This process is easy and pain-free.

During the actual appointment, they’ll explain the steps to you and begin with the treatment. First, a vitamin E balm is applied to the lips to protect them from drying and cracking. A retractor is placed in the mouth to keep the lips and cheeks pulled back from the teeth to avoid wiping off the whitening solution.

Gauze and cotton balls are placed in the cheeks to absorb saliva drips. An adhesive towel is applied around the mouth to protect the face. Then, a dam shield is placed on the gums and a resolution is applied before being set with a UV blue light to harden the whitening gel after application. Each treatment lasts 15 minutes, and the suction removes the whitener and the process begins again.

After completion, the mouth is rinsed, and you should avoid dark foods and drinks and smoking for 24 hours. You might go home with a whitening kit and desensitizing solutions if necessary. With a solid brushing and flossing regimen, your brilliant smile will last longer.

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